Signing Up for January SOAR

Making your SOAR Reservation

You will sign up for your SOAR session using our SOAR Reservation System. The reservation process includes:

  • Entering your information to help us personalize your SOAR experience
  • Listing your academic interests to connect with a SOAR advising group
  • Listing your parents/guests joining you during your SOAR experience

Because of space limitations and school/college availability, we cannot guarantee a specific date in advance of your SOAR reservation. Do NOT make any travel arrangements until you have completed your SOAR reservation. After you select your advising group, you will be presented with a list of available SOAR dates. You should select an available session date that works best with your schedule.

Ready to make your SOAR reservation? Click the button below to access the SOAR reservation system!

Go to SOAR Reservation System

Screenshot of SOAR Reservation system home page